Cardboard model of a mobile home, monitor, DVD player
"Biology of Reality" is also the title of an installation by
Susanne Stoevhase. It consists basically of a small
television and an appropriately proportioned model of a
mobile home. This small, snow-white camper trailer is
parked directly in front of the television screen. It has a
single-axle, and is reduced to the essential features of its
type. Those who wish to see what is shown on the
television must lean down toward this peculiar ensemble,
which is joined in an absurd "circuit" by two black cables.
The television itself "stares" into the trailer, and only through
a little opening in the window of the vehicle can the viewer
glimpse the screen. There aren‘t actually any pictures to see,
just a text strip of white letters on a black background
offering bits of theory. Of all things, a television, the incar-
nation of the transceiver model, displays theoretical
quotes originating from the constructivist school of thought.
There, in blatant contradiction, one can read about the
promise of the medium: "Between transmitter and receiver
merely move modifications of some kind of physical
energy, which are called ‘signals‘."

(from: Anett Reckert: Oberflächentrugschlüsse)